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Book Review: Between Two Worlds, by Jodi Hockinson

Pelican Freak’s 4-star Review:Overall, I found this to be a really fun read.I tend to be a bit leery of alternating point-of-views or timelines -and this one does switch up between times and point-of-views both and it’s very well done. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the continuity was on point. There was also no confusion at all so the author did a brilliant job here. Both of the main characters were very likable, I didn’t find that I missed one, while reading in the other’s point-of-view.Speaking of character development: these characters are very well designed, I’d call them complex for sure. We’re able to get glimpses of Teme from the time she’s a young girl and on for about three decades. The author did a good job of laying the groundwork for Teme’s ultimate personality as an adult. John comes off as a good guy and only gets more so. The minor players in the story are consistent in their personalities and motives as well.The formatting is easy on the eyes and edit/proofing-wise, I found the manuscript to be in good shape.The story is very different, there’s shifters so you could call it ‘paranormal’, though they’re more of a spiritual bunch, but in a very believable way. I’d call this – if I had to put it in a box and stick a label on it, which I’m generally opposed to – a realistic fantasy, if that makes sense.I loved the way a great respect for nature was built into this story- for me it made it all the more relatable. Even for non-nature lovers, I’d think it serves as a good reminder as to the importance of preserving nature .I did begin to miss the story, and wonder about it when I stepped away, so definitely gripping.There’s some mystery built in, some sweet romance, some scandal – I’d say it’s got something for everyone. Recommend. It’s complex, but a quick read.

Source: Book Review: Between Two Worlds, by Jodi Hockinson